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Speed Test - 20 mins

Reasoning Ability

Speed Test - 32 mins Question:- 6- 45 Question No. 6-45


English -49(synonyms)

1.GAINSAY (a) Advantage (b)Proposal (C)Contradict (d)Suggestion 2.Anneal (a)Commerce (b)Forget (c)Patch…

English -34(Vocabulary)

Stultify-To cause to feel bore. Stupefy- To shock,To dull someone's…


Sanctimonious:-Taking oneself to be morally superior to others. Sartorial:-(sense/description) related…

English -29(Vocabulary)

Cajole:-Persuade, Wheedle,Coax,Seduce,Lure,Tempt,Inveigle, woo,Beguile. Camouflage:-Concealment, Disguise, Veil. Carnage:-Blood-bath, Blood-shed,Massacre,Slaughter. Carnival:-Celebration, Festival,…

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