Expression       –      Modals to be used Present ability/capacity- Can Permission-Can Asking Permission-May Wish/blessing-May Possibility/probability-May Slight possibility-Might Purpose/ so that (present)-May Purpose of that past- Might Past ability- could Polite request-Will/would/Could Duty/necessity/compulsion-Must Emphatic advice – Must Read more


(i) Seven teachers A,B,C,D,E,F and G teach in the science section of XII of a particular school. They teach one of the following subjects -Zoology, Botany, Chemistry, Physics and Maths. (ii) Two teachers each teach Physics and chemistry. (iii) Both Read more


Last year, there were three section Catalyst,a mock  CAT papers . Out of them 33 students cleared the cut-off in section 1 ,34 students cleared the cut-off in section 2 and 32 students cleared the cut-off in section 3. 10 cleared the cut-off Read more

Reasoning – 2( Puzzle )

Five cities all got more rain than usual this year. The five cities are:-Aurangabad,  Ahmednagar,  Pune, Mumbai and Nagpur.The cities are located in five different areas  of the country: the mountains, the forest, the coast, the desert , and in Read more