English Speaking -5

TENSES PAST INDEFINITE RULE:-Affirmative-Subject+2nd form of verb+object.                 Negative-Subject+did+not+1st form of verb+object.                 Interrogative:-Did+ subject+1st form of verb+object? PAST CONTINUOUS RULE:-Affirmative-Subject+ was/were+1st form of verb+object.   Read more

English Speaking-4

Fill in the blanks Do you ___________(play) cricket?(Present Indefinite) Two and two ___________(make)four.(Present Indefinite) She___________(wishes) everybody, good morning.(Present Indefinite) Birds _________(fly) in the air.(Present continuous) The boys ______not______(play) in the ground.(Present continuous) _____ you______(visit)my house this week?(Present continuous) Why_____she not Read more

English Speaking(3)

TENSES PRESENT PERFECT TENSE RULES:-Affirmative- Subject+has/have+3rd form of verb + Object.                   Negative:- Subject+has/have+ not+3rd form of verb + Object.                    Interrogative:-Has/have+ subject+3rd form of verb Read more

EnglishSpeaking (2)

TENSES 1)PRESENT INDEFINITE TENSE Rules:-  Affirmative-Subject+Ist form of verb+ s/es +object. Negative- Subject+do/does+ not+Ist form of verb+ object. Interrogative-Do/does+Subject+Ist form of verb+ object? Note:-1)Do-I,We, You,They                               Read more

Speaking -1

1)Tumhari watch me kitney bajey hai?- What is the time by your Watch? 2)Meri watch me 7 bajey hai.-It is seven O’clock by my watch. 3)Ab 8 bajey hai-It is eight now. 4)Sadhey 3 bajey hai-It is half past three. Read more

English -29(Vocabulary)

Cajole:-Persuade, Wheedle,Coax,Seduce,Lure,Tempt,Inveigle, woo,Beguile. Camouflage:-Concealment, Disguise, Veil. Carnage:-Blood-bath, Blood-shed,Massacre,Slaughter. Carnival:-Celebration, Festival, Jamboree, Party, Spree. Catastrophe:-Calamity, Crisis, Disaster. Category:- Class, Division, Section. Caution:-Advice,Reprimand. Cavalcade:-Array,March-past,Parade,Procession. Cavalry:- Horse, Horseman, Mounted-troops. Censure:-Abuse,Blame,Criticize, Disapprove, Reprimand. Chagrin:-Annoyance, Displeasure, Embarrassment,humiliate, Irritation, Exasperation, Pique. Challenge:-Competition, Emulation, Envy, provocation, Confront. Read more