Sentient-Sensitive in a positive way. Sepulchral-Looking or sounding grave and sad. Sequestered-A segregated and quiet place. Serendipity-Capability of making wonderful and by chance discoveries. Shambles- A situation of complete disorder. Shibboleth-A theory or principle that is now outdated or Read more

English Speaking-11

Veh apna samey bayarth karta hai-He wastes his time. Bahut daer ho gi hai-It’s very late. Uthney ka samey ho gaya hai-It is time to wake up. Daftar subah 10 bajey se sham 6 bajey uthta hai-The office remains open Read more

English -34(Vocabulary)

Stultify-To cause to feel bore. Stupefy- To shock,To dull someone’s sense. Substitute-To take place temporarily. Replace-To take place permanently. Superficial- Shallow,On the surface. Superfluous-Extra, More than required. Supplement-To add to something. Supplant-To replace forcibly. Surplice-A garland for clergy. Surplus-Extra. Suspense- Read more

English Speaking-10

Thandi Hava beh rahi hai-The cool wind is blowing. Mosam kharab ho raha hai-The weather is turning bad. Kya tumhari gadhi aagey hai-Is your watch fast? Kya tumhari gadhi pichey hai-Is your watch slow? Ha, Meri gadhi 15 minute aagey Read more

Engllish -33(Vocabulary)

Paramount concern-The most important concern Political Clout-Political influence enjoyed by leaders. Pivotal role-Important role. Potent cause-Important Cause. Precious little-very little. Prolific writer/growth-Fast producing writer or growth. Preventive measure-Measure to prevent a negative thing. Pathetic/pitiable/miserable condition-Bad condition. Profound knowledge/respect-Deep knowledge or Read more