Reasoning 46- (Puzzle)

Moon TV has decided to celebrate sports programmes  weeks by telecasting sports programmes on Badminton, Cricket, Football, Hockey, Tennis, Volleyball (not necessarily in the same order) in a week starting from Wednesday. (i) Sixth day of the programme was holiday. Read more

English 46- (Synonyms)

1. MUFFLE (a) Wrap (b) Soften (c) Hasten (d) Disturb 2. LACHRYMOSE (a) Unimpressive (b) Mournful (c) Moist (d) Impious 3. FORAGE (a) Search (b) Research (c) Fly (d) Travel 4. WELTER (a) Sacrifice (b) Clarity (c) Height (d) Confusion Read more

Reasoning -45(Statement and Conclusion)

1)Statements:-Government should  ban all kinds of protests-demonstrations, including strikes and processions. Conclusion:- I)Yes, this is the only solution , which can teach discipline to the employees. II) No, Government cannot deprive its citizens from their fundamental rights. III)Yes, this is Read more

English 45- (Synonyms)

1. MOLLIFY (a) Chastise (b) Testify (c) Rebuke (d) Appease 2. JEOPARDY (a) Magic (b) Adventure (c) Enmity (d) Danger 3. GROTESQUE (a) Fantastic (b) Exaggerated (c) Colourful (d) Pompous 4. SUCCULENT (a) Fluid (b) Sucking (c) Juicy (d) Sweet Read more

English 44- (Synonyms)

1. Deepak has a penchant for a fine poetry. (a) desire (b) bias (c) liking (d) training 2. The defendant was grateful for the judge’s clemency. (a) patience (b) mercy (c) relaxed attitude (d) politeness 3. The number of aboriginal Read more

Reasoning 44- (Puzzle)

Five friends Manish, Ashish Rahul, Kapil, and Pravin are musician, architect, doctor, engineer and artist by profession and live in Lucknow, Mumbai, Kolkata , Delhi, and Pune but not in that order. (1) Pravin and Rahul do not live in Read more

English 43- (Passage)

Modern bio-technology, especially the creation of genetically modified crops, is often presented as a magic solution or universal panacea for the problem of poverty, inadequate nutrition and even environmental degradation across the world. Conversely, there are people who present the Read more