Directions: Read the following information and answer the questions that follows: At a certain seminar on ‘subsides given to agriculture’ there are eight speakers A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H who are to be seated at the table with the moderator I placed exactly in Read more

English 55-(Passage)

Passage Being with a strong, …(1)…, keen desire to the object which you want  to the object which you want to achieve. If your desire is weak, momentary or ….(2)..,your achievement will also be likewise and there may be no….(3)…. Read more

English-54 (sentence Completion)

He knew everything better than anybody else, and it was an affront to his ……… vanity that you should disagree with him. (a)Overwrought (b)Overwhelming (c)Overweening (d)Overstrung    She ………..People who are good at sports. (a)supports (b)admires (c)attracts (d)appeals From the shape Read more

English 51-(synonyms)

CITE (a)Illustrate (b)Reveal (c)Recollect (d)Quota BESIEGE (a)Acquire (b)Attack (c)Sieze (d)Surround BANDIT (a)Convict (b)Robber (c)Thief (d)Cut-throat MELEE (a)Primitive dance (b)Kindness (c)Simple song (d)Brawl MORBID (a)Diseased (b)Dying (c)Irritated (d)Angry PARADIGM (a)Theme (b)Example (c)Proof (d)Paragone AUGUR (a)Heal (b)Hurt (c)Signify (d)Reform MAUNDER (a)Warn (b)Capture Read more

English 50 – (Synonyms)

IRRUPTION (a)Hate (b)Bursting in (c)Interference (d)Altercation ECHELON (a)Rank (b) Opponent (c)Follower (d) Identity PREVARICATE (a)Anticipate (b)Lie (c)Delay (d)Authenticate EXUDE (a)Ooze (b)Wither (c)Overflow (d)Evaporate PRECARIOUS (a)Brittle (b)Perilous (c)Critical (d)Caution MALAISE (a)Stagnation (b)Spite (c)Curse (d)Sickness VOUGE (a)Fashion (b)Rejection (c)Order (d)Satisfaction IMPREGNATE (a)Conceal Read more