Reasoning 71 – (Puzzle)

Study the following information carefully and answer the given question following it: A train started from Patna railway junction (Jn) for Bhagaltur Jn 12 person boarded the train. their are five stations between Patna Jn and Bhagaltur Jn. These stations are Read more

English- 72

1. The chaise longue on which she _______ had worn out upholstery (A)sulked (B) subsisted (C) reclined (D) succumbed (E) nursed 2. She sang with him, her thin ______voice thickened with emotion (A)depressing (B)  deluging (C) denouncing (D) deserting (E) quavering 3. Read more

Reasoning -70(Puzzle)

Puzzle(1): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below: When the final results of the examination of Probationary Officers was published on the website of SBI, it flooded the bags of many aspirants with pleasure. Among these Read more


1)The chaise tongue on which she________ had worn out upholstery. a)sulked b)subsisted c)reclined d)succumbed e)nursed 2)She sang with him, her thin _______voice thickened with emotion. a)depressing b)deluging c)denouncing d) deserting e)quavering 3)The customers would _______ with him over the price. Read more

Reasoning-70 (Puzzle)

Read the following information carefully and solve  (i) There are six neighbours   – Mr Sharma, Mr Tendulkar, Mr Dravid, Mr Prasad, Mr Johar and  Mr Aiyar – living in a triple – storey building with six flats. (ii) Those who have Read more

Reasoning 68 – (Puzzle)

Read the following information and answer the Question given below following There are seven friends – Anurag Srivastava, Surju, Yasha, Deepak, Vicky, Dolly, and Surbhi. All possess phones in their houses. All the phone number consist of seven distinct digits Read more

Reasoning Ability 66

Instructions: Below are given two statements followed by two conclusions. You have to tell which of the following will follow: (1) Only conclusion I is true (2) Only conclusion II is true (3) Either conclusion I or II  is correct Read more