General Knowledge

Ecology : Study of inter-relationship between living and their environment.

Evolution : Study of origin of life, variation and formation of new species.

Embryology :Study of fertilization of egg, formation of zygote and develop of embryo.

Eugenics : Study of factors connected with the improvement of human

Euthenics :Study of environmental condition that contribute to the improve of human beings.

Euphenics : Treatment of defective in heredity through genetics enginee

Ethnology : Study of science dealing with different races of human.

Ethology : Study of animal behaviour in their natured habitats.

Etiology : Study of causative agent of disease.

Entomology : Study of insects.

Exobiology : Study of possibility of life in space.

Floriculture : Cultivation of plant for flower.

Food technology: Scientific processing, preservation, storage and transpo of food.

Forensic science :Application of science for analysis of various fact and evi to identify the cause or the person involve in criminal act.

Fishery : Catching, breeding, rearing and marketing of fishes.

Forestry : Development and management of forest.

Fermentation: Process of incomplete oxidation that occur in microbes and cells in absence of oxygen, leading to the formation of ethyl alcohol.

Genetics : Study of variation and transmission of heredity character parents to their young ones.

Growth : Permanent increase in weight, volume and size of an organism

Genetic Engineering : Manipulation of gene in order to improve the org Gynecology : Study of female reproductive organ.

Gerontology : Study of ageing.

Gastroenterology,: Study of alimentary canal or stomach and intestine disorders.

Hypertonic : When two solution have different solute concentration. solution which have higher concentration is called hypertonic.

Hypotonic : In two solutions which have lower solute concentration is hypotonic

Homeothermic : Animals who have constant body temperature are homeothermic or warmbloode0 animal.

Histology : Study of tissue organisation and their internal structure with help of microscope.

Hygiene : Science taking care of health.

Hydroponics : Study of growing plant without soil in water which nutrient.

Haematology : Study of blood. Hepatology : Study of liver.