General Knowledge

Changed Names of Cities, States and Countries

Old Name                       New Name

Abyssinia                          Ethiopia

Angora                               Ankara

Basutoland                       Botswana

Batavia                                Jakarta

British Guiana                  Guyana

Burma                               .Myanmar

Cape Canaveral                Cape Kennedy

Cawnpore                                  Kanpur

Central Provinces             Madhya Pradesh

Ceylon                                      Sri Lanka

Christina                                     Oslo

Cochin                                         Kochi

Constantinople                          Istanbul

Dacca                                        Dhaka

Dutch East Indies                Indonesia

Dutch Guiana                        Surinam

Gold Coast                              Ghana

Holland                              The Netherlands

Ivory Coast                        Cote ETIvoire

Madagascar                         Malagasy

Malaya                                Malaysia

Mesopotamia                      Iraq

Nippon                                Japan

Northern Rhodesia           Zambia

Petrograd                           Leningrad

Quilon                                 Kollam

Rangoon                             Yangon

Rhodesia                            Zimbabwe

Saigon                               Ho Chi Minh City

Sandwich Islands             Hawaiian Islands

Siam                                          Thailand

South-West Africa                  Namibia

Spanish Guinea                   Equatorial Guinea

Zaire                                     Republic of Congo


Important International Boundary Lines

Name of  Boundary Line                                           In Between Countries

Radcliffe Line (1947)                                                   India and Pakistan

Macmohan Line (1914)                                                India and China

Durand Une (1896)                                                     Pakistan and Afghanistan

Hindenburg Line                                                         Germany and Poland

Maginot Line                                                                France and Germany

Order Neisse Line                                                       Germany and Poland.

Siegfried Line                                                              Fortification between Germany and France

38th Parallel Line                                                       North and South Korea

49th Parallel  Line                                                       USA and  Canada

24th Parallel Line                                                       Pakistan claims that it is the boundary between India and Pakistan in Rann of Kutch

17th Parallel Line                                                        North Vietnam and South Vietnam (presently not in use)

Famous Tribes of the World

Abhors                 People of Mongolian blood living between Assam and Eastern tribes

Afridis                 Tribes residing in the North-West  Frontier (Pakistan)

Bantus                Negroes living in the Central and South Africa

Boers                   The Dutch settlers of South Africa

Cossacks             People living in the Southern and Eastern Frontiers of Russia

Eskimos              Inhabitants of Greenland and of Arctic regions

Flemings             A term used for the People of Belgium

Hamites              Inhabitants of North-West Africa

Khirgiz                 People living in Central Asia

Kurds                   Tribes living in Kurdistan (Iraq)

Magyars               Inhabitants of Hungary

Maoris                Inhabitants of New Zealand Negroesz Mostly found in Africa

Pygmies             Short sized people found in Congo basin in Africa

Red Indians       Original inhabitants of North America Semites Caucasian people of ancient times

Zulus                    People of South Africa living in certain part of Natal