Quantitative Aptitude

1. The average speed of a bus is three-fifth the average speed of a car which covers 3250 k in 65 hours. ‘What is the average speed of the bus ? (a) 30 kmph (b) 20 kmph (c) 35 kmph Read more

General Knowledge

Famous Tourist Spot of India Site Location Founder Kanheri Caves Mumbai Buddhists Elephanta Caves Mumbai Rashtrakutas Ajanta Caves Aurangabad Gupta Rulers Ellora Caves Aurangabad Buddists Kandaria Mahadev Khajurao (M.P) Candela kings Madan Palace Jabalpur (M.P) Raja Madan Shah Mrignayani Palace Read more

General Knowledge

On the shore of which counrty cold currents have cooling effect . -Peru  Which pioneer was in preaching Nirguna Bhakti in medieval India-Ramananda Which animal have no blood but they respire -Hydra Who is known as the Father of the Indian Read more

English (Home Work)

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