English -49(synonyms)

1.GAINSAY (a) Advantage (b)Proposal (C)Contradict (d)Suggestion 2.Anneal (a)Commerce (b)Forget (c)Patch (d)Temper 3.Foster (a)Encourage (b)Fabricate (c)Foment (d)Nurture 4. Nostalgic (a)Soothing (b)Homesick (c)Diseased (d)Indolent 5. Compunction (a)Anger (b)Appreciate (c)Regret (d)Wonder 6.PREROGATIVE (a)Privilege (b)Appreciate (c)Regret (d)Wonder 7.AFICIONADO (a)Rival (b)Enthusiast (c)Critic (d)Indifferent 8.RADIANT (a)Bright Read more

English Speaking-11

Veh apna samey bayarth karta hai-He wastes his time. Bahut daer ho gi hai-It’s very late. Uthney ka samey ho gaya hai-It is time to wake up. Daftar subah 10 bajey se sham 6 bajey uthta hai-The office remains open Read more

English -34(Vocabulary)

Stultify-To cause to feel bore. Stupefy- To shock,To dull someone’s sense. Substitute-To take place temporarily. Replace-To take place permanently. Superficial- Shallow,On the surface. Superfluous-Extra, More than required. Supplement-To add to something. Supplant-To replace forcibly. Surplice-A garland for clergy. Surplus-Extra. Suspense- Read more

English Speaking-10

Thandi Hava beh rahi hai-The cool wind is blowing. Mosam kharab ho raha hai-The weather is turning bad. Kya tumhari gadhi aagey hai-Is your watch fast? Kya tumhari gadhi pichey hai-Is your watch slow? Ha, Meri gadhi 15 minute aagey Read more

English Speaking-8

TENSES FUTURE PERFECT RULE:- AFFIRMATIVE:- Subject+will/shall +have+3rd form of verb+Object.                  NEGATIVE:-Subject+will/shall +not+have+3rd form of verb+Object.                  INTERROGATIVE:-Will/shall+subject+have+3rd form of verb+Object? FUTURE PERFECT CONTINUOUS RULE:- AFFIRMATIVE:- Subject+will/shall +have been+1st form Read more

English speaking-7

TENSES FUTURE INDEFINITE RULE:- AFFIRMATIVE:- Subject+ will/shall+ 1st form of verb + object. NEGATIVE:- Subject+will/shall+not+ 1st form of verb + object. INTERROGATIVE:-Will/shall+subject+ 1st form of verb + object? FUTURE CONTINUOUS RULE:- AFFIRMATIVE:- Subject+ will/shall+be+ 1st form of verb +ing+ object. NEGATIVE:- Subject+will/shall+not+be+ 1st form of Read more

English Speaking-6

   TENSE PAST PERFECT RULE:-AFFIRMATIVE:- Sub+ had + 3rd form of verb+ obj.                NEGATIVE:-Sub+ had+ not+ 3rd form of verb+ obj.                INTERROGATIVE:- Had+Sub + 3rd form of verb+ Read more

English Speaking -5

TENSES PAST INDEFINITE RULE:-Affirmative-Subject+2nd form of verb+object.                 Negative-Subject+did+not+1st form of verb+object.                 Interrogative:-Did+ subject+1st form of verb+object? PAST CONTINUOUS RULE:-Affirmative-Subject+ was/were+1st form of verb+object.   Read more

English Speaking-4

Fill in the blanks Do you ___________(play) cricket?(Present Indefinite) Two and two ___________(make)four.(Present Indefinite) She___________(wishes) everybody, good morning.(Present Indefinite) Birds _________(fly) in the air.(Present continuous) The boys ______not______(play) in the ground.(Present continuous) _____ you______(visit)my house this week?(Present continuous) Why_____she not Read more

English Speaking(3)

TENSES PRESENT PERFECT TENSE RULES:-Affirmative- Subject+has/have+3rd form of verb + Object.                   Negative:- Subject+has/have+ not+3rd form of verb + Object.                    Interrogative:-Has/have+ subject+3rd form of verb Read more

EnglishSpeaking (2)

TENSES 1)PRESENT INDEFINITE TENSE Rules:-  Affirmative-Subject+Ist form of verb+ s/es +object. Negative- Subject+do/does+ not+Ist form of verb+ object. Interrogative-Do/does+Subject+Ist form of verb+ object? Note:-1)Do-I,We, You,They                               Read more