English -49(synonyms)

1.GAINSAY (a) Advantage (b)Proposal (C)Contradict (d)Suggestion 2.Anneal (a)Commerce (b)Forget (c)Patch (d)Temper 3.Foster (a)Encourage (b)Fabricate (c)Foment (d)Nurture 4. Nostalgic (a)Soothing (b)Homesick (c)Diseased (d)Indolent 5. Compunction (a)Anger (b)Appreciate (c)Regret (d)Wonder 6.PREROGATIVE (a)Privilege (b)Appreciate (c)Regret (d)Wonder 7.AFICIONADO (a)Rival (b)Enthusiast (c)Critic (d)Indifferent 8.RADIANT (a)Bright Read more

English -34(Vocabulary)

Stultify-To cause to feel bore. Stupefy- To shock,To dull someone’s sense. Substitute-To take place temporarily. Replace-To take place permanently. Superficial- Shallow,On the surface. Superfluous-Extra, More than required. Supplement-To add to something. Supplant-To replace forcibly. Surplice-A garland for clergy. Surplus-Extra. Suspense- Read more

English -29(Vocabulary)

Cajole:-Persuade, Wheedle,Coax,Seduce,Lure,Tempt,Inveigle, woo,Beguile. Camouflage:-Concealment, Disguise, Veil. Carnage:-Blood-bath, Blood-shed,Massacre,Slaughter. Carnival:-Celebration, Festival, Jamboree, Party, Spree. Catastrophe:-Calamity, Crisis, Disaster. Category:- Class, Division, Section. Caution:-Advice,Reprimand. Cavalcade:-Array,March-past,Parade,Procession. Cavalry:- Horse, Horseman, Mounted-troops. Censure:-Abuse,Blame,Criticize, Disapprove, Reprimand. Chagrin:-Annoyance, Displeasure, Embarrassment,humiliate, Irritation, Exasperation, Pique. Challenge:-Competition, Emulation, Envy, provocation, Confront. Read more

English -19(Vocabulary)

Safe and sound-Completely safe. Sovereign remedy-A remedy that is very effective. Sparking pace/new-Very fast speed or completely new. Specious argument-Fake argument. Spirited attack/conversion-Very enthusiastic attack or conversion. Sporadic incidents-Incidents occurring here and there continually. Squalid condition-Very bad and dirty condition. Read more